Sunday, March 28, 2010

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Fever

I know. I haven't posted in a long time, but I have several very good excuses.

1) A little thing called The Olympics hit my's a bit insane.
2) I have a job for the entirety of the Olympics at a makeshift art gallery in Gastown at SHINE (Nightclub) where I sit from 12-5 everyday with an art show that I'm a part of.
3) I have had a concert to shoot every night starting last Thursday, sometimes more than one during the day.

When I have an evening off, I will do a mass post of what I can.
More of the photos will be up on Vancouver is Awesome, and soon they will also be up on Soundproof.

Until then, sit tight!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vancouver IS Awesome... still...again...

Two different days, two different weather situations.
Granville Street Bridge.
Check it.

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The Vegan Project: My Vegan Valentine...

The Vegan Project, (which I spoke about in this post) and I, have been at it again...
Recently I've been tagging along with the girls, photographing some yummy vegan food around the city, as well as having the delight of the ladies cooking up a storm for me in their Vegan Project Bake Shoppe....

That said, our latest collaboration ended up being with Granville Magazine, which had the girls dreaming up an all vegan brunch for Valentine's Day!

The Menu Includes:

Vegan Apple Rosemary Scones
Vegan Asparagus Pesto Crepes

Strawberry Avocado Salad

Gourmet fair-trade organic coffee

Mimosa, made with sparkling white wine from the Okanagan

Optional: Finish off the romantic meal with some sensual vegan chocolate truffles

I got to eat/sample the main dishes (scones, crepes & salad) and they were all amazing!

Anyways...follow the girls on twitter and on their blog! If there are any other vegans out there in internet-land, leave a comment I may or may not be taking on quite a vegan challenge fairly soon...

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Skating Party!

Radio 3 had a skating party at Robson Square the other day. Hannah, Dan Mangan & Dan Moxon were there, as well as the R3 kids...

Had an excellent time skating around with Hannah...took this shot of us under the skylight dome:

More shots on Flickr...yes, I caved, but I don't think I will be using it for much, besides stuff like this.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Poetry Is Dead:

There's a new magazine in Vancouver called Poetry Is Dead and they celebrated their launch with a party at a packed Grace Gallery last week. There were some awesome poems read and I am lucky enough to have a copy of the magazine beside me now to read!

I did a post over on Vancouver is Awesome...check it out there!

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Last week in music...

First up last week was the oh-so-talented Hannah Epperson and her loop pedals performing at The Backstage Lounge:

Later that week The Rio Theatre hosted a Piano Recital. Artists included: Dominique Fricot (The Painted Birds), Prairie Cat, Jody Glenham, Dan Moxon (Bend Sinister) and Adaline.

Saturday Night found Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (w/ The Loud Love Choir) at the Pitt Pub at UBC, with Dave Vertesi (of Hey Ocean) opening, playing solo music of his own:

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Monday, February 1, 2010

En Route!

Happy February! The best part of it being the first of the month is that the new EnRoute magazine is out on Air Canada flights everywhere!

And that means HOW many people are going to thumb through it and see my photos?...kind of exciting.
What I was not aware of when I was shooting that I was taking photos of places that Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo had chosen...

Anyways, since I'm not flying anywhere I have to wait for copies and my pdf, but you can see them in internet form HERE:

And after looking at my photos, go check out one of my best and extremely talented friends: Robyn McCallum's work in the very same magazine:

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Road Regrets

I'm very, very jealous that Mr. Jonathan Taggart gets to tag along on a short jaunt out to the Praries and back with Dan Mangan and Aidan Knight. Logistics and van-space left me in Vancouver instead of on the Zolas/We Are The City tour, so I'm even more jealous.

Anyways, Jon's going to be photo blogging along the way: and it will be co-posted on regulars VIA!, NXEW and Soundproof.

If you mosey over to Dan's website right now, you'll see this post about his performance in Los Angeles with my photo from Junofest:

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

"I wrote this song in Port Colborne on the edge of Lake Erie"

My heart did a little leap when Tony Dekker uttered those words...and I may have involuntarily let out a loud WOOO!

With Jon-Rae Fletcher opening for them, Great Lake Swimmers played to a boisterous sold out Vogue Theater Friday night.


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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spotted: My Photos On The Internet

So I have a few shots that have made their way into internet land, and I might as well highlight them here:

First up is one of my Kate shots that accompanied a Science Fiction website's "2009’s Sexiest Geeks". Gotta love that:

Some of the Peak Performance Project finale photos ended up on Melissa Lai's blog: (I can't find the exact link anymore, but here's a screen shot):

I found one of my 101 To Eat shots, of the homemade marshmallows, on the GuestLife website:

And lastly, I have a photo on The Racoons' Wikipedia Page! And while there is a liscening thing that says basically the world can use it however they want (not really true at all) the Metadata on the photo shows up! Which has my copyright on it:

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Meat Schmeat...

New friends Jess and Bridget are starting a little thing called The Vegan Project.

"We are passionate about our health, the environment, and the treatment of animals. We are learning about what it means to be vegan and documenting our experiences here."

The girls posted on their twitter the other day that they wanted some photos and offered goodies and love. Working for food? I'm in.

I had lunch with Jess at Nuba (Cafe...the one on Hastings lost power!) first which was delicious (I had the falafel):

We then went over to Bridget's house and the girls made vegan peanut butter crispy squares (I tried them later and they were tasty):

After that it was off to Commercial Drive for some shots of of their favourite restaurants/organic stores, as well as a stop into Addis Cafe, an Ethiopian restaurant, to try some of their food as a 3pm snack (it was really good...The Veggie Combo: omen, fasolia, yater alitcha, meser wot):

It was a great afternoon and full of yummy food (I still couldn't give up cheese...yet), and I will be with them again next week to shoot a bit more!

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